We leave moments untouched, and yet wholly touched. Rooms, furniture, and items have a way of imbibing moments—maybe forgotten, maybe preserved—in visible and visceral ways. They encapsulate energy, emotions and knowledge, constructing inanimate personalities that remain long after those who lived there are gone. I draw in black and white to capture these moments. They are separate from us, distant temporally and spatially, distorted through scale. But they are also connected to us; they are our moments that we only now remember forgetting, places we once knew, memories we can reclaim but not relive. The images I draw are representative of real places. They seek to evoke nostalgia, but a type that is tempered with déjà vu. They are respites from our present, but also reminders that where we are, and where we are going, are continuously creating the same moments that my drawings represent. The difference here, in these drawings, is that we are actually taking the time to look.